Return and Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

We accept payment via

  1. BCA
  2. Mandiri
  3. Credit Card ( Visa / Mastercard )

Please note any other transaction made under different bank account name other than shown on our checkout page is not within our responsibility. You will receive our account number while doing the checkout process.


For any transaction paid with credit card payment method, there will be additional surcharge fee from the payment gateway vendor.
Surchargee fee (3.1% of total amount) will be paid by customer.


Kindly do a payment confirmation clicking ” PAYMENT CONFIRMATION ” at the top of the site. You will need to fill in some infomation such as your Name, Bank , Amount of Transfer, and Order Number. We will process your order after we received your payment confirmation. Please note that unconfirm payment may be not processed.